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simplux Moving Wick Wood Pattern Mosaic Flameless LED Candle with Timer, 3 x 8″, Brown

$20.88 $15.99
  • ARE YOU PLANNING A PARTY OR WEDDING? – Unique design style. Made with high quality wax and wood that include a 4&8 hour timer. Multi-Hue technology replicates the color of a natural flame. . .they are perfect for Weddings and Parties. . .or a quite evening for two.
  • EASY TO USE TIMER – Just set the timer to illuminate the candle at the same time every day. The switch on the bottom of each candle allows you to set the 4/8 hour timer glow, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day. It toggles: Off/Timer for easy & convenient operation. Electric fake pillars which make a great gift for teens, seniors and anyone that love candles 4&8.
  • PEACE & COMFORTABLE – Enjoy all the benefits of traditional candles and none of the negatives! No more dripping-hot wax, no more smoke or worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candles. Blinking slowly, The light are very soft and comfortable wont hurt your eyes even in dark room. It won’t have any scent, create romantic and peaceful private environment for your time.
  • SAFE & CLEAN – We care about your safety, and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. It is safe pass the CE verification. It is smokeless and without dripping wax. So that you don't worry about the cleaning problem after a happy party. What you need just enjoy the happy time with your friends and families.
  • MOSAIC DESIGN STYLE – Most fashion ideas to use these LED candles on your home and any outdoor activities as decorations and candles! There are many mosaic patterns for you to choose in our store , diamond ,strip pattern, crack pattern, and multi color, each kinds can add different sense to your home atmosphere. It will bring surprise and happiness to you and your friends.

Simplux Rose Shap Free-Flowing 3D Fireless Flame LED Pillar Candle with Remote Control, Battery Operated,3.5×6″, Pink

  • ean:6952303818827
  • SPECIFICATIONS - -Candle size 3.5 inches Diam x 6 inches Height. Package of 1. Candles run on 2x C batteries (not included) . Made with real high quality wax and feels and looks like a real candle.
  • REMOTE CONTRAL INTRODUCTION--It has an on/off 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour timer. Turn On the Candle, Press 2H/4H/6H/8H to set,the flickering candle will be ON for 2/4/6/8 hours and will remain OFF for 22/20/18/16 hours.Then turn back ON automatically at the same time the following day. To adjust the mode of candle light, press "Candle"± to get flickering light or "Light"± to get steady light. To adjust the brightness of the candle use the 2 dimmer buttons to adjust for brighter or dimmer candle light.
  • PEACE & COMFORTABLE-- 3D Moving wick is Blinking slowly and moving automatically, like a real candle flame,unscent,create romantic and peaceful private environment for your time!Most Fashion and fresh ideas to use these led flameless candles on your home as decorations and candles!It will bring happiness to you and your friends!
  • WEDDING & VALENTINE DAY-- Blinking slowly, like a real candle flame,it won’t have any scent,create romantic and peaceful white private environment for your time!Also could as a special gift for her on the Special day.Just get her a cake candle!It will bring surprise and happiness to you and your Girlfriend.
  • SAFE & CLEAN--Its powered by Batteries,so that it is difference with tranditional candle. It is safe ,even you could touch its flame .It is smokeless  and without dripping wax.So that you don’t worry about the cleaning problem after a happy party!

Sliver Glitter Led Candle With Timer, 3×4 inches

  • Specifications - -candle size 3 inches diam x 4 inches height. Package of 1 . Candle runs on 2xC batteries (not Included) features 4h-off-8h switch
  • 4&8 Hours Timer --4H : 4 hours lights up, 20 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day. 8H : 8 hours lights up, 16 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.
  • PROVIDES THE PERFECT AMBIENCE – The candle uses an amber LED electronic to exactly replicate a candle flame to create a cozy atmosphere. With a perfectly simulated flickering flame, you get the most realistic, soft and comfortable atmosphere possible. The perfect combination of function and art.
  • DECORATIVE – Best used indoors as a furniture decoration. Ideal for use in parties, weddings and marriage proposals. The perfect table decoration for cafes and restaurant and bars. Also fantastic for spa clubs, church decorations and for any holiday or festive occasion, such as Christmas or New Year's Eve
  • ENERGY SAVING AND SAFETY – Flameless! Our patented LED candles flicker like a real candle without using any real naked flame, making them highly safe and presenting no fire hazard at all. Great around pets and young children! They are also very environmentally friendly as they never need to be replaced. They are totally battery-operated and have many other functions that traditional wax candles don't.